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Have you ever created a bootleg mix and wondered if it could be better if it had a certain spin to it. Scratching, vocals, effects, Mastering or original compositions
Pella Pushers was created for this reason. Bringing together people who have unique talents who can work together to create professional bootleg mixes.

Who Are the Pella Pushers
Mick_c (PellaPushers Founder)
Favourite Genre
Dance, House, Commercial, Breakbeat, House
DJ’ing, Audio Editing, Bootlegging, Mastering
Software Used
Virtual DJ (Hercules Console) , Steinberg Wavelab 5.01
I started bedroom DJ’ing roughly 8 years ago, but it wasn’t long before I moved to audio editors. Starting first with a simple audio editor, I soon moved on to mastering the art of audio editing and manipulation with Steinberg Wavelab 3.0. I started creating megamixes with two or more songs, to
play at the local club. I changed from megamixing to bootlegging aftr finding the Acapellas4u.co.uk
site. Since then I have progressed to mulittrack audio editing with specific focus on Steinberg’s
Wavelabs 5 Audio Montage features, where my main focus now lays
Who knows what is to come next – Watch this space.

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South West U.K
Favourite Genre
Breakbeat, Hip hop , House , D&B, Pop – Basically Everything
DJ’ing, Re-Mixing , Producing
Software / Hardware Used
4 Technic 1210’s , DN X-1500 mixer, Acid Pro
Been dj-ing for 10 years , my sets combine Electro, Big Beat , A-capellas
in a party set ( i Hate Boring Dj’s !! ) I have done re-mixes for local bands and have made over 150 original tracks. Recently got involved in Bootlegging because its fun mainly but i try and make mash-ups with more of a
re-mixed feel about them. I LOVE MUSIC!

ThC ( ThEhOmOgEnIcChAoS )
Favourite Genre
Coming Soon
DJ’ing, Re-Mixing , Producing
Software / Hardware Used
Coming Sonn
Coming Soon!

PellaPusher Wnated

The PellaPushers Group are looking for a new member to fill out our last spot on the group

The Person we are looking for should have some years of experience creating bootleg mixes.

Preferably this member should be experienced in creating scratches, live bootlegging and audio manipulation

To apply, email join@pellapushers.co.uk

Some of the benefits of joining the PellaPushers

Acess to our full list of available Acapella’s
Online storage to share your mixes
official PellaPushers email address and finally
Our years of experience
September – Top 5 Downloads

My Catchy Love
Track listing to be updated

Block Rockin’ Ludacris Chemical Bros – Block Rockin Beats / Ludacris – Stand up

Mashup Mix Sep 07
Dj Nicky T – Martin Solveig vs Timbaland & Keri Hilson & Doe / Engineer – Shut Up and Love You Forever /
The B-Flint – Sweet satisfaction harmony / Loo & Placido – Digital killers / Kitch – Give it to me All Around the World / Dj Prince – 80’s your love / Timezup – Gay Bar Jaxx / Dunproofin – Superquadrophonia / ThEhOmAgEnIcChAoS –
The Time Is Now For Lovestoned / Dj Prince – I want to break free (2005) / GlennD – Milkshake At Night / Fab Yonipsed –
The Beat Is Fergalicious / Kitch – Stand Up Systematic / Tizwarz – Siren Master / Dj Tripp – Ayo Hold On Tripp

Forgot About Dre – Electro mix
Forgot About Dre – Dr Dre /Eminem
Jono Fernandez – Stitchface

Give it to me Around the world
Timberland , Furtado – Give it to me / Daft Punk – Around The World

Join PellaPushers

Want to join PellaPushers.

Do you have a Talent for creating bootlegs, Megamixes or Mashups. Are you good at Scratching, Creating effects DJ’ing, Mastering, Audio editing or Composing.

email info@pellapushers.co.uk for more information